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You’ve probably heard of “detox” before. It’s a popular word often thrown around and misused by people who don’t fully understand its implications. When used in the clinical sense, detox has a very specific meaning: It refers to the process by which you cleanse your body of any foreign substances, including drugs or alcohol, to which you have been addicted. It is necessary to prepare for therapy and recover from your addiction properly.

What Patients Can Expect From the Detox Program

Individuals who enroll in our detoxification program choose to begin the long and sometimes difficult road to treatment. We offer a variety of services with our detox. These services include:

  • Living arrangements: We have arrangements that ensure you feel comfortable and safe in our facility. We offer private rooms, access to luxurious common areas, and all modern-day amenities. At the same time, our facilities are safe and secure. Our 24/7 staffing and security help ensure that our patients are supervised, cared for, and never lack access to help if they need it.
  • Therapeutic resources: At UpHealth Behavioral, we are only as strong as our clinical staff. We offer one-on-one sessions that can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms, and we assist individuals in starting the therapeutic process. We also offer group therapy in which other individuals can work together to develop strategies that will help them manage detox and withdrawal.
  • Recreational opportunities: Studies show that individuals are more likely to successfully detox and withdraw if they can engage their bodies and minds. Therefore, we offer many physical and recreational opportunities, helping our patients exercise their bodies and minds as they begin their recovery journey.

Who Is It For?

Detox is for anyone who is actively in the throes of addiction. It is a necessary step to truly begin and embrace recovery. Studies have shown that individuals cannot successfully start treatment while still purging their bodies of the substances to which they are addicted.

One of the chief challenges of detox is that it can involve uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms. At UpHealth Behavioral, we understand what these symptoms are like, and we can help you manage them. We can also provide you with a structured environment, trained professionals, group therapy, and access to resources that can ensure you do not get access to the substance you are trying to break your addiction from.

What Will You Learn?

Detox is the start of the recovery process, and it is an educational one. During detox, individuals will begin to learn:

  • How to manage their stress and pains without substances.
  • How to cope with the issues caused by withdrawal.
  • How to reach out for help, communicate with therapeutic resources, and work with others as they recover from their addiction.

Your brain and body will also “learn,” although the meaning of the word “learn” is slightly different. If someone needs to detox, it means that their body has become chemically addicted to a substance. Detoxification can allow their body to learn how to survive without the drug and adjust accordingly.