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IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Not everyone who requires treatment needs to remain on-site to receive full-time care. For this reason, UpHealth Behavioral specializes in providing different levels of individualized care, including our IOP (intensive outpatient program).

The IOP is ideal under several circumstances, such as when someone requires flexible scheduling and when an individual wants to continue receiving support following residential treatment. Taking this vital step helps reduce the risk of relapse. Research shows that the longer you remain in treatment, the greater the likelihood of sustained sobriety. More specifically, participation in formal treatment and longer time in treatment is associated with better outcomes.

Like all of our programs, the IOP helps individuals transition to healthier, more meaningful lives. The goal is to learn effective coping skills to identify triggers contributing to substance use and mental health disorders. Depending on your diagnosis, the IOP can provide you with the help and support you need without needing detoxification support or 24-7 supervision.

What to Expect From an IOP

The IOP at UpHealth Behavioral provides the flexibility to have a more normal daily routine with the type of structured support you need to achieve a healthier future. This program is also the next step for those who have recently completed treatment in a residential setting.

You will gain access to evidence-based treatment options, including a range of therapy options, to continue to achieve your recovery and life goals. You will have the opportunity to practice crucial social and life skills to develop a more structured, productive routine.

The IOP program is offered four days per week on either a daytime or evening schedule at UpHealth Behavioral. Clients attend group and individual therapy, totaling nine hours of clinical care a week. Plus, a one-hour life skill training session is offered weekly, focusing on career development, budgeting, and stress management.

Who Is an IOP For?

When someone participates in residential treatment, they typically remain in a supervised environment for 30 days or more — sometimes 90+ days. After years of alcohol or drug abuse, it is unlikely that this short period will completely change problematic behaviors or erase triggers. For this reason, the risk of relapse is highest during the initial period after leaving treatment. When you leave the restrictions of treatment, it can be easy to revert to old habits, especially when you go back into an environment that triggers use.

To help reduce the risk of relapse, our IOP is offered as a comprehensive aftercare program. Eventually, clients begin an outpatient program, which involves fewer hours of therapy a week.

So, this program is ideal for those who require flexible scheduling and continuing care.

What Will You Learn?

Each individual’s journey is unique to them, so what you’ll learn and discover will be a highly personal experience.

For example, if you struggle with addiction and depression, you will learn your triggers and how one disorder influences the other. You will learn healthier coping skills to help you overcome your addiction while addressing symptoms of depression. The goal is to help you achieve a fulfilling, higher quality life.

You can then focus on what you have learned to heal, one step at a time.

Learn more about the admissions process so that you can take the first step today!