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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Think of a partial hospitalization program (PHP) as a highly structured day program that offers skill-building opportunities, therapy, and other treatment options to help you establish a healthier, more productive life.

At UpHealth Behavioral, our PHP program is a full day of treatment and is provided while clients live in supportive housing. This program offers clients a structured, clinical care opportunity to address their diagnoses surrounding mental health and substance abuse.

Like all programs at UpHealth Behavioral, PHP is an individualized treatment program that targets your unique needs and recovery goals.

What to Expect From the PHP Program

Since PHP is essentially a “day” treatment program, you will participate in structured, evidence-based treatment during the day, returning to supportive housing at night. However, you can attend mental health support groups or 12-step meetings at night and recovery events on weekends. This customized approach is what makes treatment at UpHealth Behavioral so effective.

So, how often you attend therapy will depend on your treatment plan. While some individuals participate five times a week, others participate three days a week. The duration of this program will also depend on your unique needs and recovery goals.

While participating in our PHP, you will be offered both individual and group therapy options as part of your customized treatment plan. UpHealth Behavioral is proud to be a leader in the treatment options we provide, including psychiatric and experiential services. This program is designed for short-term treatment as individuals work toward being transferred to an outpatient program.

Who Is the PHP Best For?

PHP is designed for individuals who require treatment that is not as in-depth and intensive as residential treatment but who are not yet ready to begin an outpatient program. It’s a great “in-between” option that is best suited for individuals who:

  • Struggle to function at school, work, or other obligations
  • Not at risk of harming themselves
  • Medically stable
  • Have adequate support from loved ones
  • Are motivated to begin and complete treatment
  • Have a dual-diagnosis

We take our PHP one step further at UpHealth Behavioral, offering unique program options based on specific factors, such as age or faith. For example, we offer a program for those over 30 years old and a young adult program (if you’re under 30), a faith-based program, LGBTQIA+ groups, and our Help For Our Heroes Program.

What Will You Learn?

During the PHP, you will learn what you need as an individual to remain sober, healthy, and happy. We understand that your personal journey is unique, which is why we offer such a wide spectrum of treatment options. The goal is to help you build lasting skills to support your road to recovery for years to come.

Depending on your diagnosis, you will learn what your individual triggers are and how they have contributed to your ongoing struggles. You will also set goals, learning how to achieve them one step at a time. Most importantly, you will learn that your life is worth more and that allowing yourself to heal is the greatest gift you could give yourself and your loved ones.

Ready to take the first step? Contact our care team to begin your new life today!