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Residential Treatment

Deciding to seek help is not an easy choice, but it is life-changing.

Sadly, most people who need help don’t receive it, which contributes to overdose deaths, reduced quality of life, diminishing health, damaged relationships, and more.

Whether you or your loved one are struggling with addiction, poor mental health, or both, residential treatment is an optimal choice.

What to Expect From a Residential Program

Unlike an outpatient or partial hospitalization program, individuals who participate in a residential program live on-site to have access to supervised clinical care 24-7. You are provided with a highly structured schedule and treatment plan designed based on your history and ongoing needs.

Since this is the most intensive type of program, you live at the treatment facility for the duration of your stay. This living arrangement provides you 24-hour access to the support and resources you need to begin your road to recovery. If you have reached a point where you are unable to work and live in your community because of issues stemming from substance abuse or diminishing mental health, UpHealth Behavioral offers the personalized care you need.

While participating in a residential treatment program, your care team will build an individualized plan. Each day, you will participate in structured treatment, including individual and group therapy. UpHealth Behavioral is proud to offer the latest evidence-based treatment options, including specialty services. Regardless of how complex your situation is, we can help.

Who Is Residential Treatment Best For?

Residential programs are intended for individuals who require in-depth, intensive treatment. If you have tried several options in the past and continue to relapse, you are also a good candidate for a quality residential program.

For example, if your current living situation triggers your addiction and contributes to symptoms of depression, anxiety, or any other mental health condition, seeking a residential treatment program is ideal.

UpHealth Behavioral offers safe and effective facilities, allowing you to focus on healing. Although taking this first step can be intimidating, it could mean the difference between saving your career, relationships, or even your life. Regardless of your age, history, or current needs, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our programs and how you can benefit.

What Will You Learn?

When you decide to seek help, you begin a highly individualized journey. No two people will ever have the same experience in treatment because everyone is unique. That is why holistic, customized treatment is such a crucial approach.

While in treatment, you will discover what variables and triggers contribute to your diagnosis and what that means for your journey ahead. For some, this means learning how to overcome the trauma they experienced as a child, while for others, it means learning how to build a productive and fulfilling life without needing to rely on substances of abuse.

At first, this learning curve may seem steep and overwhelming, but with the help of a professional care team, you can learn to change destructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When you remove yourself from your current situation and enter a structured residential program, you will gain access to therapy and skill-building activities to become the best possible version of yourself.

Learn more about the admission process to take the first critical step today.